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Grandparent Rights


Grandparent Visitation Rights in California

Grandparents are often a significant influence in the lives of their grandchildren. In many households, they even take part in their day-to-day life or play the role of parent. A pending divorce or separation can cause dramatic upheaval to an entire family. Heavily involved grandparents may have their lives turned upside down along with the divorcing parents and their children. Many find themselves desperately seeking information about grandparents visitation rights in California. Can Grandparents Ask for Visitation During a California Divorce? Parents can always allow grandparents to visit their children. No court order is necessary. The court order becomes a…


The Circumstances Under Which Grandparents Can Win Custody Battles

Custody battles are complicated issues and some are so convoluted that it becomes difficult to award custody to either of the parents. The other best alternative – grandparents. Every child finds comfort at their grandparents home so, it should not be surprising that they are next best custody seekers after parents. The best part about grandparents is that they can give the same about of love and care to the child and yet they are so different from the parents. However, grandparents should understand the situations in which they can win custody battles before applying for one. If the parents…


The Role Of Parents & Grandparents In California Child Custody

In 2000, a landmark decision was passed regarding custody and visitation rights of grandparents after the Troxel vs. Granville case. The Court in that case ruled that when it comes to child custody, parents have the upper hand because they are the primary caregiver. However, minor children are also allowed to spent time with their grandparents and it depends upon the decision of the parents. Parents are given more preference In cases where both parents and grandparents are involved in custodial battles, the court gives more preference to parents. Also, more significance is given to a parent’s objections regarding visitations…


Parenting Plans for Non-Parents Granted Custody

One of the most important issues of divorce cases is the issue of child custody. Often, parents who can’t agree on a common ground, have bitter child custody battles. It not only leads to psychological issues in the child and parents but it also destroys the relationship between the three people. Sometimes, child custody is awarded to a third party like grandparents or any close relative. Who the child goes to depends on the relationship he/she shares with the child and whether the child enjoys that relationship or not. Because in California, a child’s preference is considered over everything else….


Understanding Visitation Laws for Grandparents

The State of California outlines the legal rights of a grandparent over the visitation of his or her grandchildren. It allows an individual to request the court of law to grant reasonable visitation for their grandchild who for some reason no longer lives with them. What does the court have to ensure before granting visitation to grandparents?  The court of law has to first establish a pre existing relationship between the grandparents and the grandchild which might have ‘engendered a bond’ between the two. The implication of this phrase is that the court needs to determine that there exists a…

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