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Orange County Divorce News


Gerald Maggio Honored As “Attorney of Distinction” In Orange Coast Magazine

Gerald “Gerry” Maggio and The Maggio Law Firm have been recognized as “Attorneys of Distinction” in the November 2018 Edition of Orange Coast Magazine. Entitled “A Collaborative Effort in Divorce and Family Law Matters,” the featured article explores Maggio’s reputation for providing strong yet compassionate representation while seeking reasonable resolutions and the best possible outcome for his clients. With 250,000 monthly readers according to their website, Orange Coast magazine is widely celebrated as a top-quality publication that informs and entertains the county’s most affluent community members. It’s been ranked the “Best City and Metropolitan Magazine” in California by the Western…


Gerald Maggio Recognized in the Attorney Journal – Orange County Edition 2018

We’re pleased to announce that Gerry Maggio, who is the owner of The Maggio Law Firm, was named the “Attorney of the Month” by the Attorney Journal – Orange County Edition. Mr. Maggio was chosen for the Attorney of the Month Award based on a combination of factors, including professional achievement, commitment to the local legal community, well-established respect among peers, and professional certifications, honors, and awards. With this award, Mr. Maggio and our family law firm were highlighted with May’s cover feature – a five-page story on his history, values, and professional focus. I’m truly honored to be recognized…


Understanding Family Code 2030 In California Divorces

California Family Code section 2030 helps ensure that a fair trial is conducted during a divorce in California by enabling a means of seeking attorney’s fees on the basis of need to be able to afford legal representation. The section has been designed for both the husband and wife to have equal access to family law courts during legal representation. Couples in California sometimes fail to understand the code and some that do tend to misuse it. What does it cover? The Family Code 2030 contains initial applications that couples require for attorney fee and post-judgement modifications. Family court judges…


What Are Bifurcated Trials In CA Divorce Cases?

In a few cases, the party involved in a legal separation or divorce case may request an earlier or separate trial on a specific issue related to the divorce case. It means that the court comes to a decision on that particular issue while other issues continue to wait for a solution. This is done when an extremely important issue must be decided and one party or both of them could not wait until the complete case gets decided.  Tackling issues A few issues which can be tackled in this manner include the permanent custody and also visitation of children….


Divorce Mistakes Every Father Should Avoid

Fathers in California erroneously tend to think that they do not have the same rights as the mother does. It is time to wise up. When it comes to navigating your way through the tricky waters of a California divorce, here are a few mistakes that you should avoid at all costs. If you are already in any of the following situations, seek the help of a good attorney. Do not out-spend your wife – Divorce changes everything in your life. So, if you want to survive, you need to make a few adjustments. Some divorce lawyers advocate dads outspend…


What To Know About Epstein Credits and Watts Charges

If you are a married couple that has decided to apply for a divorce in California, then one of the first major decisions you need to take is to determine who gets to stay in the house after the divorce. It does not matter whether your husband leaves you to stay with his new partner or if you decide to stay back in the interest of your kids. Staying at the marital home after the divorce comes with its own set of financial consequences. Epstein credits and Watts charges come from a couple of cases that are now commonly used…


Seeking Spousal Support In Divorce Cases

When there is a legal separation or divorce of any couple, it may be ordered by the court to one domestic partner or spouse to pay other a specific quantity of money every month. This money is termed as “spousal support” and “partner support” for the married couples and domestic partnerships respectively. It is occasionally referred to as “alimony”. Do understand that partner and spousal support issues can be extremely difficult.  The firm will assist you to comprehend partner or spousal support and the duration this support will last and the way it will affect the taxes. You will also…


Responding to Divorce or Legal Separation Filings

Either spouse in a marriage or as a partner in registered domestic partnership has the right to request the court to terminate their legal relationship. Your domestic partner or spouse has requested the court to end the relationship in case you received a summons and petition for legal separation or dissolution (divorce). In Orange County, California, the court has the power to end domestic partnership or marriage even if the other partner is unwilling to be legally separated or divorced. Any registered domestic partners or married couple can terminate their marital status six months after papers are first filed at…


Completing The Divorce Process

The instructions and forms used by you to end your case is dependent on whether case respondents have filed the necessary response and whether you and your domestic partner or spouse have an agreement concerning the ending of marriage, support issues, dividing property and debt, and also visitation and child custody. You have to complete a number of forms, and it can turn out to be extremely complicated in the case of inclusion of child custody and child support orders. If you file the case Do understand that you have to fill a number of forms to complete all through…


How To Seek Attorney Fees In Your Divorce Case

A number of situations can crop up when a judge could order one spouse to pay the lawyer’s fees of the other spouse. When it comes to separations or divorces, a domestic partner or a spouse can make the request to the court at the start of the case. Examples exist of a number of other family law cases where one side has asked for lawyer’s fees from the other even if parties concerned are neither in domestic partnership or are married. Such examples include visitation and custody cases where parents of the child are entwined in marriage. There can…

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