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Child Custody Issues For Gay Couples

Same-sex couples now enjoy most if not all of the benefits that heterosexual couples do. Marriages have now become legal for gay couples and so has adopting children. However, the question of whether gay partners can be good parents or not is not an issue.  Research has established that being good parents has nothing to…


How Is Legal Separation Different From A Divorce?

A legal separation is a legal process that allows a couple to live separately but remain married, even though they can divide their assets and make other agreements.  The procedure for legal separation in California is very similar to that of divorce. Agreement for separation An agreement on separation includes terms that are quite similar to those…


Does Your Divorce Affect Your Vehicle Insurance?

Any couple that files for their divorce has to also deal with the proper distribution of their marital assets. But, there is something that many people do not consider. They often overlook the impact of the divorce on their car insurance. Divorce can affect various aspects of the couples’ car insurance including changes in rates…


Parenting Plans for Non-Parents Granted Custody

One of the most important issues of divorce cases is the issue of child custody. Often, parents who can’t agree on a common ground, have bitter child custody battles. It not only leads to psychological issues in the child and parents but it also destroys the relationship between the three people. Sometimes, child custody is…


What You Need to Know About Alimony Before Divorce

When you are facing a divorce, you need to be prepared for the reality i.e. alimony payments to your spouse. There are some countries or states that refer to alimony also as “maintenance” or “spousal support”. This is an active component of the divorce system of many countries all over the world. In case your…


Advice On How To Tell Your Husband You Want A Divorce

Have you made a decision to file for a divorce lately but do not know how to approach your husband about it?  This is a dilemma for women who want to end their marriage but are at a loss to how they can start the procedure. Arriving at a decision to end the marriage There…


Should You Opt for a Legal Separation Rather than a Divorce?

There are many couples who opt for a legal separation instead of a divorce. There are distinctions between legal separation and divorce, and it is important to understand their meaning so that you can ask the right questions while contemplating your future options. Before going any further, you need to understand the meaning of a…


When Should You Opt for Mediation Over Divorce Litigation?

It is never easy to go through a divorce. This it true even when you are splitting from your spouse in the most amicable manner. Moreover, it can be emotionally taxing while coping with the logistics. The stress is further compounded by expensive and lengthy court proceedings. A desire for getting out of these stressful…


Prenuptial Agreements Can Be A Great Act Of Prevention

A preventive approach is always better than being careless and then repent later on. This is especially true for agreements related to the spousal property. In litigations related to the division of divorce property endless hours are spent by the lawyers for disputing factors like amount of spousal support, property classification among others. However, such…


Top Financial Tips You Should Follow During A Divorce

In case you have started your divorce proceedings, you need to cope with a lot of factors apart from the emotional problems. You need to think about the financial issues too.This is primarily due to the fact that there will be a shift from a double income household to a single income one.  So you…

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