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Are The Kids Suffering In A Failed Marriage?

There are several divorcees who refer to themselves as “victims” while they were married, particularly if abuse was a reason for getting divorced from their spouses. Abuse does not only include domestic violence but it also includes a horrifying phase of dictatorship and dominance while being married. Only when there was an end to the marriage that these spouses regard themselves to be free. However, what happens when the abused now realizes that their kids are also being subject to the same sort of behavior? Time and again, it has been seen that the courts would like to ensure that…


Child Custody Issues For Gay Couples

Same-sex couples now enjoy most if not all of the benefits that heterosexual couples do. Marriages have now become legal for gay couples and so has adopting children. However, the question of whether gay partners can be good parents or not is not an issue.  Research has established that being good parents has nothing to do with gender. Like every other couple, homosexual couples have their problems too and sometimes it ends up in a divorce. Divorce laws are the same for homosexual couples as it is for heterosexual couples.  But custody battles can be more complicated than other issues….


Parenting Plans for Non-Parents Granted Custody

One of the most important issues of divorce cases is the issue of child custody. Often, parents who can’t agree on a common ground, have bitter child custody battles. It not only leads to psychological issues in the child and parents but it also destroys the relationship between the three people. Sometimes, child custody is awarded to a third party like grandparents or any close relative. Who the child goes to depends on the relationship he/she shares with the child and whether the child enjoys that relationship or not. Because in California, a child’s preference is considered over everything else….


Should You Opt for a Legal Separation Rather than a Divorce?

There are many couples who opt for a legal separation instead of a divorce. There are distinctions between legal separation and divorce, and it is important to understand their meaning so that you can ask the right questions while contemplating your future options. Before going any further, you need to understand the meaning of a legal separation. This is a special binding agreement through a court’s order which will define handling of different types of financial matters such as liabilities and assets when a spouse opts to lead a separate life from his or her spouse. Why should you prefer…


When Should You Opt for Mediation Over Divorce Litigation?

It is never easy to go through a divorce. This it true even when you are splitting from your spouse in the most amicable manner. Moreover, it can be emotionally taxing while coping with the logistics. The stress is further compounded by expensive and lengthy court proceedings. A desire for getting out of these stressful formalities that are associated with a traditional divorce process is resulting in an increasing number of couples going for an alternative form of dispute resolution: divorce mediation. When should you consider mediation as your choice? Divorce mediation is regarded as appropriate in those situations when…


Tips For Dealing With Conflict During Divorce

Divorce is a hard time especially when couples are involved in a conflict with each other. There are many reasons as to what can give rise to a conflict. It could be about property, debt division, custody battle, alimony and a range of other issues which are commonly dealt with during a divorce. It is the job of a mediator to ensure that both parties have a mutual understanding before the divorce proceeding takes place. However, most of the times, it depends on the husband and wife to resolve the growing conflict between them. If you’re heading for a divorce…


How To Be A Good Single Father

If being a single mother is tough, being a single father is never an easy thing either. Many people think that fathers who get divorced can easily go back to their routine before they were married. But it’s not true. After becoming a father, the lifestyle and mentality of a man changes. Especially, if he’s handling kids. Most fathers who have kids need to balance time between his job and family. It becomes tough and so, here are few tips that will help fathers become better parents in the long run. Create a good schedule For working fathers, scheduling is…


Child Support Payments After Loss Of Employment

A divorce is in itself a complicated process and becomes more complicated when children get involved. The first issue that arises is child custody. Since, only one of the two parents can become the primary caretaker of the children, it becomes a dilemma. The next issue that arises after the custody of children has been established is that of child support. Usually, the other parent pays more for child support than the one who is taking care of the children. In maximum cases, the two parents consult a lawyer and establish a parenting plan that also includes the amount of…


How A Lawyer Can Help Resolve Divorces Smoothly

When the divorce proceedings continue, it can be tough for the family members who are a party to it. This is particularly true when the outcome is uncertain. It is not possible to know all the intricacies of the process, so consulting a reliable divorce lawyer definitely comes handy. A good divorce attorney assists the spouses to reach a favorable conclusion as well as explore various effective options. When you do not have an experienced divorce lawyer by your side, it is difficult to go through a chain of distressing and conflicting emotions as well as high stress. A divorce…


Relocating & Modifying Custody and Visitation in California

Relocation is something that everybody experiences at least once in their lives and it’s something that can happen even to a divorced parent.  There could be a range of reasons why a divorced parent might relocate with their kids. They might simply want a change of scene or move closer to friends and family. However, relocation can cause problems for the non-custodial parent, especially in the visitation/custody side of things. When to File The non-custodial parent can file for modification at any time. The court may deem such a modification necessary if it is in line with the child’s best…

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