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Pet Custody


Can I Seek Custody of My Pet During a California Divorce?

In January 2019, a new family went into effect that altered the way courts considered the family pet during Orange County, California divorce. Previously, California considered pets property. When a coupled divorced, each of them was entitled to half the value of the “pet.” In September 2018, the governor signed AB 2274 into law. Under the new law, either party in dissolution or legal separation proceedings can request that the judge assign sole or joint ownership of a pet. When assigning sole or joint ownership, the judge considers the animal’s care. The new law is found in Family Code Section…


California Law Allows Divorcing Couples to Petition for Pet Custody

Assembly Bill 2274, signed by Gov. Jerry Brown in September of 2018, changed the way pet custody is handled in California divorce cases. The law gave the courts the authority to decide pet ownership in divorce cases. In accordance with the law, the court can assign sole or joint ownership of the divorcing couple’s pet and take into consideration care of the animal. The pet can be placed in the care of one of the parties in the divorce until the court determines the pet’s final home. The law went into effect January 1, 2019. Prior to the introduction of…

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