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Special needs children


Who is in Charge of the Child’s Medication Post-Divorce?

It’s no surprise to anyone that divorced couples don’t always agree – in fact, they often disagree. And there is no topic more prone to differences in opinion than the health and well-being of a child. After a divorce, parents find previously small differences in opinion regarding their children can explode into full scale battles. While co-parenting after divorce can be difficult, parents are encouraged to find a positive form of communication so they can stay focused on the child’s best interest. But what happens when the disagreement is about the child’s medication? Who makes the final decision?   Medical…


Issues To Resolve During A Divorce Involving Children with Special Needs

Having a child who has special needs can take its toll on a marriage. If you find yourself facing divorce and have a child or children who have special needs, there are some areas you will need to focus on working out during the divorce, besides the standard divisions of assets. Articulating what you both think your child’s abilities and needs are The best place to start is to be clear that you both agree on what the child can and cannot do for themselves and the degree of assistance or care they will need. This will cover the additional…

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