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Using A Minor's Counsel In a California Custody Case

In many divorce cases in California, the minor children are usually not allowed to speak up or testify for their concerns in the court of law. Or to put it more clearly, minors involved in a parental divorce are not allowed to voice their opinions directly in front of a judge. However, for this reason, the court has a provision of facilitating a ‘minor counsel’ to represent the child in the trial proceedings. Who is a Minor’s Counsel?  In simple words, the court appoints a neutral third party as a minor’s counsel who is supposed to interact with the child…


California Child Custody Myths

California statutes which deal with child custody settlements have been often subjected to a lot of falsehoods and myths. However, as aforementioned, these are only myths that have no grounds to prove their authenticity. The actual law is quite different from what the popular opinion has become. We are going to bust several of such child custody related myths that have been doing rounds in the State of California for quite some time now. Myth #1: Gender is relevant in deciding child custody cases One of the most common myths about California law is the fact that the law favors…


The Child Support Process in California

The process of seeking child support in California has different stages to it. It is advisable to enlist the help of experienced lawyers with knowledge of the child support laws in California. The process will require you to fill out a number of detailed information. It is best your lawyer helps you do this. Child support cases can become quite complex. Self representation should not be considered. You may be a parent seeking or disputing child support, but these are the different stages in the child support process that you need to be aware of. Filing a request for child…


Who Pays Alimony in Divorce?

Every time you hear the word ‘alimony,’ you are probably thinking of a man writing out all of his monthly salaries off to his vengeful ex-wife. It is normally taken to be that way in popular culture. Movies and TV shows often use this as a device for easy comedy. The loser husband going broke every month while the woman in question has an easy life spending all that money. It works as a plot device, but in real life, this is not the case. In fact, in a lot of ways, it can be quite misleading. If you think…


Some Fallacies About Child Custody Dispelled

When you go through a divorce, the most important thing that most spouses worry about is the custody of their child. Children are thought to be the most important assets in a divorce case. However, the fact that it is such a popular aspect in a divorce case has meant it has gained popularity. Much of which has resulted in a number of false fallacies developing that are harming the process and the way parents are fighting their divorce case. Hence, to make sure you don’t fall for the fallacies that have developed in an Orange County divorce, here is…


The Different types of Child Custody

A child is the most important aspect in a divorce. Most parents want to make sure that they keep hold of their children. This leads to increased conflict during divorce proceedings with each of the party hell-bent on trying to get custody of the child. However the final decision on matters of custody is taken by the judge. They will have the power to decide which sort of custody would be best for the interest of the child. Typically, there are three different types of custody orders that a court makes.  This blog will take a look at the three…


The Initial Steps Taken In Divorce Litigation

As divorce is almost always a messy situation, it is always prudent to ensure that there is enough professional help that you seek while going through the agonizing process. Divorce litigation is the process of taking divorce settlement matters to court. This is in case there is no settlement that is reached outside of court. If divorce mediators are unable to help in any settlement matters, the case is carried forward to court. While the situation may get inconvenient, it is always better to find common ground and settle disputes outside of the court.  However, if it is difficult, here…


When A Forensic Accountant Is Needed in Divorce Cases

Ending a marriage and a lifelong relation is never easy. It involves a number of different complex issues that are often interconnected. People believe that the process of getting a divorce is one that only involves your divorce lawyer and no one else. However, that is not entirely the case. More often than not there are situations where a divorce lawyer will need to take the help of a professional accountant to solve the complexities of the case, etc. The role of forensic accountants in an Orange County divorce case is often underestimated and few people recognize the importance that…


What Does Legal Custody & Physical Custody Mean?

Have you thought about the rights that parents have regarding their children when divorce occurs?  The subject of child custody and parental rights is not often clear or understood. Legal Custody The word legal custody defines the authority to make the choices of behalf of a child that is a minor or has not yet reached an age where they can take such decisions.  The matters where legal custody can be exercised include a number of different aspects such as: Health Education Safety Decision on religion Welfare of the child, etc. In most cases, the courts order joint legal custody,…


Getting Temporary Family Law Orders In Orange County

Divorce is an act of legal separation that happens when couples are unable to live happily with each other. There are many reasons for an Orange County divorce to take place. The reasons can range from a lack of compatibility to unfaithfulness etc. Irrespective of the reasoning though, when couples decide to call it quits in their relationship, they seek help from the Orange County family law court. Divorce cases in family law courts can be emotionally charged with each of the couple wanting to get the best decision in their favor. There are many tools in the California family…

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