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8 Tips on How To Effectivity Co-Parent During Covid-19

With the Covid-19 pandemic spreading in California and the United States, and the current Stay-At-Order order in California, many divorced parents with minor children are very anxious and concerned about the health and well-being of their children now more than ever. Covid-19 at this point has impacted every aspect of daily life, and schools have been closed, businesses closed or having to work remotely, and people required to stay home except for essential activities such as buying groceries. There are legitimate reasons for such anxiousness and concern, but it is important to continue to follow existing child custody and parenting…


What To Know About Filing Documents With Orange County Family Court During Covid-19 Crisis

BREAKING NEWS: This information supplements the previous 3/23/2020 order of the Orange County Superior Court. Pursuant to the 3/24/2020 order of the Orange County Superior Court, as a result of COVID-19, Orange County Family Law Court is temporarily closed. All non-emergency matters through June 1st are being continued by order of the Court. For domestic violence cases pending a hearing prior to June1st, the hearing and temporary restraining orders are automatically extended 25 days for good cause and an additional 25 days, if necessary, for good cause. New hearing dates can be found on the court’s public website under online…


What To Know About The Effect of Covid-19 On Orange County Family Law Cases

BREAKING NEWS: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the State of California and Orange County has ordered all family law hearings scheduled between now and June 1, 2020 to be continued to dates beyond June 1st, effective March 23, 2020.  The court will schedule Status Conferences for those cases with pending hearings and “trail” the pending hearings to those Status Conference dates, because the rescheduling of these hearings will have to be done at those Status Conferences, and the court scheduling will be very hectic and difficult as court judges will have to prioritize hearings, giving priority to restraining order and…


Will My Inheritance Be Split 50/50 When I Get Divorced?

Can one spouse claim rights to another spouse’s inheritance during a divorce? In some cases, the inheritance was received during the marriage. In others, the inheritance may have entered the marriage with one spouse and later got mixed in with the couple’s other marital assets. Consider these common legal scenarios that can arise when inheritance is an issue during an Orange County California divorce.  Generally speaking, inheritances are not subject to equitable distribution. By law, an inheritance is not considered marital property. Inheritances are treated as separate property or property belonging only to the spouse who received the inheritance. Since…


What To Do When Divorce Mediation Fails

The divorce process is, at its most basic, a negotiation or a series of exercises in compromise. One of the first strategies of compromise that a couple can try is divorce mediation. Mediation is one method divorcing couples can use to settle a divorce without the stress and worry associated with a trial or a long, contentious case. There are numerous benefits to using divorce mediation, and it is often successful, but in some cases, it just doesn’t work. Why Divorce Mediation Doesn’t Work:  In the divorce mediation process, there is no judge involved. When the two parties seeking a…


What is a Default Divorce?

In California if you do not respond to a spouse’s petition for divorce or separation or you file a response and come to an agreement, the case will be considered a default divorce or uncontested case. In a true default divorce, you give up any right to have a say in your divorce or separation. Before choosing this option, make sure to read through the filed paperwork carefully. Whatever they ask for in the papers will probably be exactly what the court orders. Most people prefer to take part in the decisions that are made about the future during their…


When Will a Court Order Supervised Parenting Time?

Most parents want free access to their children, but in certain circumstances visitation in the presence of a neutral third party may be advisable in order to safeguard the children. Parents who are required to be supervised during their visitation by the California almost always feel the arrangement is restrictive and most will also insist it is unnecessary. When a court orders supervised visitation, remember that this scenario allows a parent to have access to their children when the court may have considered preventing any contact at all. California Courts May Order Supervised Parenting Time in Response To:  A history…

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