I cannot thank you enough for all that you did to make this divorce settlement happen quickly... you have unbelievable patience and wisdom! - Tiffany B
I cannot put a price on the advice and wisdom that Gerald Maggio has dedicated to my divorce and now my child custody case. - Martha D
After bouncing around various family law attorneys, I finally found a legal advocate in Gerald Maggio who helped me push my case through. - Dan D
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We value our clients. Here is what some of our clients have said about our firm:

“Gerald A. Maggio has represented me in an ugly, complicated divorce case for the past year, and my case is one with unusual circumstances that have convoluted many of the issues in the case. Moreover, although I know that many other divorcing persons feel the same way, my spouse in particular has been nothing but vindictive and vitriolic towards me on all issues in this case. I have had to deal with a business valuation, cash flow analysis, child custody evaluation, outrageous claims by my wife, a meritless restraining order, and a criminal case, among other issues, all instigated by my spouse with the intent to keep our children away from me and to take every last dime. I thank Mr. Maggio very much for helping me resolve these issues as favorable to me as I think was possible under the difficult circumstances of my case. I found Gerry to be easy to work with, knowledgeable, practical, and able to navigate me and my case through the most difficult time of my life with skill, caring, and compassion. Divorce is often expensive, and my case was one example of that, but I also feel it important to note that my wife’s legal fees were more than double what Mr. Maggio’s legal fees were, for essentially the same amount of work.”

~ Matt H., August 2012

“I retained Gerry for my divorce case since last August. The judgment was finalized this month (July 2012). I found Gerry to be very passionate and helped me immensely with my case to amicably settle without too much stress. He is very easy to work with and in a time of stress of going through a divorce settlement that is a definite plus.”

~ Mitali G., July 2012

“Gerry is an honest hard working attorney who is NOT out to only make the $$ like some other attorneys out there. He is my second representation in a 2 year ordeal and he has impressed me with his strategy to not waste time or money. He avoids unnecessary actions that go nowhere and waste money.”

~ A Family Law Client (posted anonymously), July 2012

“Gerry Maggio represented me in my divorce case in 2011-2012, and my case went all the way to trial because we did not get a reasonable settlement offer from the other side. We were in trial for 2 days, which was very emotional and exhausting for me. I found Mr. Maggio to be an excellent litigator in court and represented my position assertively while also being very comforting to me throughout the trial. The court made its ruling which resulted in an outcome that was definitely better than I had expected, and I was very pleased with the resolution of my case. I was very pleased with Mr. Maggio’s representation of me in my case and I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

~ Maria B., July 2012

“I retained Gerry about a year and a half ago to represent me in my divorce proceedings that were finalized in Feb. 2012. A friend recommended Gerry to me and I am glad I followed his advice. If you are facing the prospect of divorce, I strongly recommend that you hire Gerry to represent you. He is highly competent and has solid command of all the legal issues surrounding the typically contentious conflicts inherent in divorce cases. In my case we managed to avoid litigation and we resolved the issues with minimal drama. Gerry is a first class professional who served my interests and worked diligently to achieve an optimal outcome. I found him easy to work with and he was always willing to answer my questions and concerns. I trust and respect Gerry and I am happy to recommend him to anyone seeking a decent, reputable and honorable attorney.”

~ Robert S., June 2012-08-14

“Mr. Maggio is a personable and family orientated individual. He was always willing to provide and/or direct me towards information in order to facilitate informed decisions regarding Family Law. He has a good support staff and is well suited for mediation.”

~ Michelle P., June 2012

“Gerry Maggio is a true professional with that magic touch. I have not had a lot of experience in dealing with attorneys but the few I have dealt with, or attorneys my associates have used have been disappointing in some fashion or another. Gerry was a calming conduit to a stressful situation. I never had to wait in suspense for a return call or question if I had the right attorney working with me. A true professional I would recommend his efforts to anyone.”

~ Domonique W., May 2012

“Gerry was very effective and professional when I used him…California Divorce Law is a toxic waste dump and you DON’T ever want to go there. If you have to, you need a knowledgeable, professional, and supportive guide. Gerry’s patience and calm was also exemplary given my confused state of mind at the time. He was flexible in dealing with my situation. Knew when to lead and when to listen. Very high integrity. I would use him again and highly recommend him.”

~ Brian B., May 2012

“Mr. Maggio came highly recommended by an attorney I had used for my own business. He was efficient and honest in dealing with my divorce. Unlike my ex’s attorney… Gerry did not set out to bill more hours than necessary. He explained things to me well. He shared the risks and benefits of my decisions. I especially recommend him to those that have complex situations and need an attorney with extra knowledge of divorce cases.”

~ Cindy A., March 2012

“I have to be frank… I don’t care for lawyers in general. The first lawyer I used during my divorce was more interested in grandstanding, delay and billing me for the hours he wasted. A few years ago I needed to find a new lawyer to renegotiate my child support and visitation schedule. Gerry came highly recommended from a friend of a friend. From the minute I met him, I liked him. He is calm, smart, skillful and friendly. No massive ego, no superiority complex, just an excellent lawyer who thoughtfully works your case and fights for your side. I would not hesitate to hire Gerry again or refer him to my friends and family. He’ll change your perception of lawyers for the better.”

~ Robert W., March 2012

“Gerry Maggio gave me the strong representation that I needed and always responded to my questions and emails in a timely manner. He is able to navigate complicated issues and clarify them in a calm and concise manner. His assistant, Susan, is also fantastic and caring. I would strongly recommend this firm to potential clients.”

~ Leslie R., March 2012

“Mr. Maggio gave me excellent support for my divorce. He worked with me to get a solution with which I was comfortable and yet made sure that I understood my situation and protected my interest. Every step of the way Mr. Maggio explained my options clearly in an even way, letting me make my decisions with full understanding. I would recommend Mr. Maggio to anyone needing family law assistance.”

~ David C., March 2012

“My name is Scott. I started working with Mr. Gerry Maggio in December of 2010. I was a few months into my divorce. Sadly, I was working previously with another lawyer that absolutely made this process ten times as bad as it already is/was. I was overcharged, treated disrespectfully, and was put in positions to shovel out more money for court appearances that could have been avoided. My stress levels were unbearable. I knew I needed someone else to represent me. I found Gerry through a radio referral program… it is important to note that there were only a handful of attorneys that were referred. I read some of the testimonials on his site, and boy, this was the kind of man I needed to represent me. Not only do you need a good attorney in what has definitely been the most difficult time of my life, but a friend as well. Gerry was both. I also really enjoyed my conversations with Susan. They were both empathetic to my situation and worked to resolve each issue to my satisfaction. In my line of business, you only succeed if you are trustworthy, dependable and honorable. Gerry is all that, which is why we worked well together. I found his fees to be reasonable as well, especially for the Newport Beach area. My divorce in now final, although I am certain I will continue to need his services going forward (I have one of those kind of Ex’s). I wish all of you reading this the best luck in your difficult situation. Your first step is to call Gerry.

~ Scott S., February 2012

“Gerry went the extra mile to help my son to resolve his legal issue and to help him get beyond the mistakes of youth. As a result my son has the does not have a record follow him around for the rest of his life and he learned a very valuable lesson along the way. Thank you Gerry for all of the help and the peace of mind you gave our family.”

~ Cesar C., February 2012

“Gerry Maggio is a true professional with a range of expertise to navigate complicated matters. When I engaged Gerry, he thoughtfully guided me through my new and confusing legal journey and brought clarity and answers which he then delivered on. Gerry cares about his clients. He leads with kindness but will be tough where needed and above all, always knows what is appropriate to get your agenda through. He is responsive, watchful of finances, and puts you at ease with his ability to stay focused on what is important to you. I give Gerry Maggio my highest recommendation as a legal representative who will understand and care about your intention, and get you the results you are looking for.”

~ Julie W., February 2012

“Gerald Maggio is a terrific family law attorney. He helped me through a very difficult process which was a critical point of my life in transitioning into the world of being a divorced parent. Thank you Gerald! You really helped me achieve what I needed in my divorce and as a mother, this was critical to me and my son’s future.”

~ A Family Law Client (posted anonymously), 2011

“All I can say is that I appreciated Mr. Maggio’s professionalism, empathy, and consideration in handling my case. He presented an honest approach to my difficult situation. His assistant, Susan Wright, and staff wonderfully assisted in handling my needs also. I wish him continued success with helping others achieve amicable solutions.”

~ Omar G., 2011

“Excellent attorney. Glad I happened to come across him. Very knowledgeable, very professional, very thorough in handling my case.”

~ Ben C., 2011

“After having one attorney not really do much and just show up for my case, and basically not fight for me. it was refreshing to have someone like Gerry to fight in my corner. He explained everything and sought out the best options. He fought for me, and was even sympathetic to my situation. Even after the case was settled, I can still call on him with questions, support, and help. I not only respect him, I recommend him to everyone I know.”

~ Carla R., 2011

“I had been married for 38 years when my then husband filed for divorce .I was devastated but Mr. Maggio was extremely compassionate, kept in contact with me, always got my approval before he did anything, very patient, really wanted the best outcome for me & did his very best to make that happen.”

~ Barbara L., 2011

“Gerry has been very deliberate in his approach to achieve fair results for his clients, very informative and very organized with all details of the case. He also gives unbiased answers to very difficult questions pertaining to custody and support issues. I highly recommend Gerry to anyone seeking legal representation in their respective divorce proceeding.”

~ A Divorce Client (posted anonymously), 2011

“Gerry was a blessing! He was very professional and understanding to my situation. I highly recommend him to any one that needs a dedicated attorney.”

~ AnaLisa C., 2011

“Gerry will help you to reach your goals for your case, not only in the court but outside of it too. His guidance on important decisions allow you to feel good about your personal approach toward your case. Snap “revenge” decisions can leave you feeling horrible, but Gerry is always there to keep you heading in the right direction. Never allowing you to let your emotions dictate your case path. I can honestly say that through all of the time I have had Gerry as my attorney I have never been ashamed to look in the mirror because of petty decisions made out of anger in court (believe me there was ample opportunity). Gerry is a great Attorney and a great human being. Add in the fact that he has one of the greatest assistants on the planet, Susan, who I adore, and you have yourself a team who will always make sure you are taken care of. Really they feel more like family than anything.”

~ Kyle P., 2011

“Brought Gerry on to clean up a mess that another attorney left me. He did a great job. We used him again 2-3 years later to modify the original agreement. He was professional, responsive, and did not pad his hours in the billings. His rate is not inexpensive, but I found it to be fair in relationship to the quality of service provided. He’s not in it for the quick buck, he is a businessman who understands that by adding value to his clients, he increases his own value. I would use him again, and would recommend him to a friend.”

~ Kris O.

“Mr. Maggio provided excellent representation to me during an unorthodox child support issue. He always provided me with the information I needed to make competent decisions that were in the best interests of the adult child and myself. Family law can be a very emotional process, Mr. Maggio possesses a very calm and reassuring demeanor coupled with the expertise to get the job done in a timely manner.”

~ Mike M., 2011

“Gerry Maggio is an excellent Attorney. My case was unique and difficult. He responded to my numerous phone calls and emails. Always quickly and with great advice. Provided great representation in Court. In a time of great stress and personal difficulty he provided sound counsel. If you are seeking someone who will be with you till the end. Look no further. He protected my child and showed great concern.”

~ Paul T., 2011

“I have tremendous respect for Mr. Maggio. Divorce is a very difficult time, and not a cut-and dried affair, but Gerald worked closely with me, helped me negotiate a settlement that was equitable to both parties even when the other party was uncooperative. He offered sound advice, and supported me in my decisions even when they went against his advice. He was responsive and easy to work with, and we were able to come to a reasonable conclusion. I heartily recommend his services.”

~ Raul E.

“I wanted to thank you for helping our family come to a resolution of our son’s case as well as it did.”

~ Cesar V

“I cannot thank you enough for all that you did to make this divorce settlement happen quickly… you have unbelievable patience and wisdom! You made the complexities of my divorce seem effortless. Your efficiency and knowledge of the law let me just breathe and rest in the confidence of knowing things will be taken care of. You treated me with respect, and at a time in my life when I felt I had lost so much, you reassured me of my strength and gave me opportunities to make my own decisions. You have an amazing ability to exhibit strength in a courtroom while showing compassion to clients. Not to mention you have a great sense of humor that brought light to a typically gloomy situation. Unlike some firms, I did not feel like a case number. It is my hope that I never have to refer my loved ones to a family law divorce law firm, but if I do, The Maggio Law Firm would be the one!”

~ Tiffany B.

“Thanks Gerry, I really appreciate all of your effort, advice and counsel on my divorce. You are the right blend of aggressiveness and client acceptance in decision making. I will definitely recommend you and have you on my call list should I ever need your advice again, although I hope not as you can imagine.”

~ Allen V.

“After bouncing around various family law attorneys, I finally found a legal advocate in Gerald Maggio who took the time to explain how the courts worked and then helped me push my case through. I appreciated his patience with me and the level of attention I received when I had questions or emergent issues. But most importantly, I needed a lawyer that was honest and fair, and wouldn’t leave me with a legal win that weighed on my moral conscience. I found that in Gerald Maggio.”

~ Dan D.

“Gerald Maggio was a blessing to me. From the very moment I met Gerry, I knew everything would work out… I would be okay. That gave me comfort at a time that I was not sure about anything or anyone. During a very difficult season of my life, The Maggio Law Firm was able to give me guidance through many unfamiliar issues, providing me all options, explaining the law as it pertained to me, giving me all the details and then letting me decide how we were going to proceed, assuring me that my wishes would be met to the best of Mr. Maggio’s abilities. My case was not going to make front-page news; as a matter of fact, it was not all that exciting to begin with. I can only hope that Mr. Maggio knows of my heartfelt thank you filled with all the hope and amazement that my life now has in store that would not have happened without all of his help.”

“The qualities that I appreciate most about Mr. Maggio are his honesty and compassion to which he demonstrates in his profession. I was a total stranger but Mr. Maggio made me feel like a friend from the start, not just a file with a case number, which is what I feared it to be like. I could never begin to comprehend the complexity of law and to what degree Mr. Maggio’s role is in to day-to-day. With that said, he provided not only the service to which he was hired but went a step further to make sure that I, the person, was alright too. The experience was one that I will never forget and hope never to repeat.”

~ Sherri Y.

“I just wanted to thank you for your services in dealing with the dissolution of my marriage. It was not easy for me and it was very helpful to know that I had someone who was both legally expert and personally understanding of the unique aspects of my situation. In hindsight, your legal acumen was as advertised and highly competent. But more than that, your response in personal terms was appropriate and insightful.”

“I have already given your name to a friend of mine should he have need of your services. I would not hesitate to recommend you if the need arises with anyone I know and will certainly use you for any further services that I require.”

~ Brian B.

“I cannot put a price on the advice and wisdom that Gerald Maggio has dedicated to my divorce and now my child custody case. The time, effort and patience that he has shown me on the face of such difficult circumstances are priceless. He has explained every legal matter in detail that otherwise I would be lost. I would make an educated recommendation to anyone that has a legal matter, Mr. Maggio will be there for you.”

~ Martha D.

“Mr. Maggio was the greatest attorney for me and my child. I would recommend him and his firm to everyone who is going through a child custody case.”

~ J. Gonzalez

“Gerald Maggio had been my lawyer for about 4 years. My case was unique because my ex-husband did not want an easy divorce or child custody case. Because of this, he made up any and every excuse to drag us into court every week or two. Despite the frustration, and the toll on his time, Mr. Maggio always showed in court on time with a wonderful attitude and different ideas to bring this case to a close.”

“He spent many days and hours trying to make sure that my daughter was safe and that I was being treated fairly. At times, I was not the easiest client and despite that, Gerry was always cool and professional.”

“We spent over one and a half years fighting for my daughter, and because of Gerry’s determination, my case finally came to a close. Gerald Maggio is a terrific lawyer. He was always there when I needed an ear to listen to me, or when I needed to make a decision. Without Mr. Maggio, I am not sure that my case would have had such a wonderful outcome.”

“Gerald Maggio is a kind and fair lawyer that looks out for his clients. My daughter’s welfare was in his hands, and I always felt safe and was assured that Gerry would make the right decision. Custody cases can be very ugly and frustrating, but with a lawyer like Mr. Maggio, his clients can feel secure that he always has their best interest at heart.”

~ Laura K.

“Thank you for the legal services that you have provided us over the years. Even though this custody battle continues, you worked hard to help me get our fair share of time with my son. I especially appreciate the personal attention and genuine care that you have given my case. At first I was dismayed at the fact that your previous law firm had assigned our custody case to yet a fourth attorney, knowing what a burden it would be for a new attorney to get a handle on the long history involved. Yet you preserved and learned the facts of our case inside and out and were prepared to do whatever it took to obtain a fair settlement. For these reasons, we chose to retain your services when you moved to different law firms. Today, where once we only had two weeks in the summer, we now have custody of our son a full one-half of the summer, not to mention the fair division of various weekends and holidays throughout the year.”

~ Dante C.

Words cannot express my appreciation with the job you did for my sister Gloria Salcedo on her divorce case. Thank you for your extraordinary responsiveness and willingness to help me n every way you could in this case. Your work was crucial since Gloria was suffering with a terminal cancer.

Your professionalism, legal experience, compassion and caring for Gloria through her difficult time were admirable and remarkable. I will not hesitate to contact you in the future, or to recommend you to others when the occasion arises.

Finally, I personally appreciate the fact that you have made yourself available to me on numerous occasions to answer questions not directly related to the work you have undertaken with regard to Gloria’s case. I view you as one of my most reliable resources and I look forward to working with you again in the future.

~ Elba V.

All I can say that I appreciate your professionalism, empathy, and consideration in handling my case. You presented an honest approach to my difficult situation. Susan Wright and your staff have wonderful assisting my needs as well. I wish you continued success with helping others achieving amicable solutions.

~ Omar G.

I had to retain an attorney at the last minute to review my Pre-marital agreement on my behalf about three weeks before I was to be married. I happened to find Gerald Maggio on the Internet because he specialized in family law.

The process to retain Mr. Maggio was very straightforward and simple, and I was so grateful to find out the Mr. Maggio believes in using email to streamline a lot of things because a lot of attorneys refuse to use email and some don’t even know how to use a computer.

After he reviewed the agreement, I met with him in person and the feedback he gave me was excellent and made me feel as thought he had my best interest in mind. He represented me with my husband’s attorney and incorporated all of the changes that needed to be made despite the fact that we were running out of time. My overall experience with Mr. Maggio as an attorney is excellent, and I would highly recommend him for anyone that needs an attorney to represent them in a family matter. I would definitely retain Mr. Maggio again if needed and will recommend him to anyone. He is 100% competent, his prices are reasonable,he is easy to get shold of, and he makes you feel protected.

~ TM