I cannot thank you enough for all that you did to make this divorce settlement happen quickly... you have unbelievable patience and wisdom! - Tiffany B
I cannot put a price on the advice and wisdom that Gerald Maggio has dedicated to my divorce and now my child custody case. - Martha D
After bouncing around various family law attorneys, I finally found a legal advocate in Gerald Maggio who helped me push my case through. - Dan D
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Why Hire Us

There are other divorce and family law attorneys out there. So what makes us different that you should consider us as your Orange County divorce and family law attorneys?

We care about our clients

We don’t look at our clients as a file, but as people in need of help. We know what our clients are dealing with in their cases and we treat our clients with respect, compassion and a caring attitude. We are more than an attorney-client relationship; we are a team with our clients in their case.

We listen to our clients

We respect what our clients want and we do not proceed on issues unless we are on the same page with the client.

Our clients know that we have their best interests in mind

We have received many testimonials from clients who have appreciated our efforts made on their behalf. Here is just one example and many others are listed in the “Testimonials” section on the Home page of our website:

“I did my homework and carefully considered his reviews and the endorsements of other attorneys before choosing Mr. Maggio to handle my divorce. I definitely made the right decision. Mr. Maggio did everything he said that he would do, he handled my case professionally, worked out a good resolution of my case, and billed me fairly. He explained my options and presented them in a cost-benefit analysis manner that really allowed me to determine the best way to proceed. I would highly recommend Mr. Maggio and now I actually have some faith in the legal system because of him.” –Tracy (2014)

We approach all cases with a practical cost-benefit analysis for our clients

Our firm tries to provide practical information and options to allow clients to make informed decisions about how to proceed. After all, the idea is that no one generally wants to spend $10 to get only $1 return in value.

We are honest with our clients

We don’t make promises or guarantees that we cannot back up. Any attorney who unequivocally guarantees a specific outcome in a case just to get your business is unethical because no attorney can guarantee specific results in a contested case and you should walk out of their office.

We bill our clients fairly

Let’s be realistic – divorce is generally a costly process. There simply are issues that need to be addressed and certain actions that have to be taken in all divorce cases.

However, we don’t complicate the divorce process or “manufacture” issues for the sake of churning legal fees. There are some firms and attorneys that do and you would be naïve to think otherwise.

Also, going to court and trial is something we are very experienced in and we do so when settlement is not possible and/or when trial might be in your best interests. However, if settlement is a possibility we always make every effort to do so even if, in the end, settlement means we receive less in legal fees.

After all, we care about what is in our client’s best interests and doing what is right.

Our practice is devoted to family law and divorce matters

We are highly experienced and focused exclusively on divorce and family law matters. We do not seek to be the “jack of all trades” of law, so to speak. We are dedicated to only helping clients with resolving their marital dissolution issues and related family law matters.

We believe that these traits of our divorce and family law firm here in Orange County separate us from other attorneys and law firms. We invite you to experience the difference yourself.

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