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Why do so many May-December marriages end in divorce?

On Behalf of | May 20, 2022 | Divorce

When you find someone that makes you feel happy and loved, you probably care little (if any) about their age. Some May-December relationships work and last a lifetime. Unfortunately, many others end in divorce despite the love these couples shared.

Sometimes, the challenges that come with significant age disparities wear down May-December romances and cause them to crumble. Perhaps knowing what obstacles to expect can help you avoid them.

Challenging situations to overcome

After the blush of a new romance fades, couples with years between them may feel that their marriage is in trouble. Challenges that could end a May-December marriage include:

  • Diverging priorities: The older spouse might want to prioritize saving for retirement, while the younger spouse prioritizes travel and adventure.
  • Lagging intimacy: The younger spouse may be in their sexual prime as the older spouse experiences a decrease in libido.
  • Developing illnesses: The older spouse begins suffering age-related conditions, while the younger spouse remains healthy and energetic.
  • Fewer mutual interests: As time passes, many couples with substantial age gaps find they have fewer and fewer common interests that bind them together.

If you prepare in advance for the challenges of a May-December union, your marriage can have an excellent chance of survival. However, few couples know how to prepare, and some refuse to try. Unfortunately, this might mean divorce that divorce is inevitable.

Not all unions last, regardless of the age of each spouse or any other factor. If you cannot make your marriage work, it might be time to learn more about divorcing in California.