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Child Custody Solutions That Preserve Parent-Child Relationships

Our goal in all child custody cases is to serve the best interests of children whose parents are separating or divorcing. Our attorneys balance this responsibility with the task of helping a client (mother or father) obtain the best child custody outcome and maintain and preserve the crucial parent-child bond.

At Maggio Law, we handle all facets of the California divorce process and other aspects of family law, representing mothers and fathers throughout Orange County.

Common Issues In Custody And Co-Parenting

Our experienced lawyers can help you understand the nuances relating to child custody under California family law. We are here to assist you with matters such as:

  • Custody
  • Visitation
  • Out-of-state relocation by one parent
  • Negotiating the parenting plan and schedule
  • Child support obligations

These child-centered matters are fraught, complicated and often require skillful legal attention. With our legal team at Maggio Law, you can get the answers you need to your questions.

What Does Custody Look Like In California?

The law recognizes custody statuses in three primary forms. They are:

  • Legal custody: This is the legal authority over decisions about the child’s welfare, education, health and lifestyle. Legal custody allows people the authority to do the act of parenting.
  • Physical custody: This aspect of custody refers to where the child resides. Physical custody represents the day-to-day presence in the life of your children.
  • Visitation: In cases where only one parent has physical custody, visitation is an important right. This allows parents without custody the chance to be in their children’s lives.

The courts in California vastly prefer joint legal and physical custody. It is much rarer for the court to award sole custody, and it closely reviews the circumstances before making such a determination.

How Do California Courts Determine Child Custody?

First and foremost, the court’s priority is the “best interests of the child.” When parents cannot agree about their children’s living arrangements during or after divorce, family court judges step in to determine suitable arrangements. The judges will consider the child’s current situation, including:

  • The physical and emotional well-being of the child
  • The child’s relationships with parents, other family and the community
  • The child’s age
  • Any history of violence or substance abuse on the part of the parents

The hope is to provide comprehensive, thoughtful reasoning for the court’s choices while preserving the child’s relationships and happiness.

Determining what is in your child’s best interests is, frustratingly, beyond your direct control. What matters most is that each step you take is with an eye toward providing a loving, caring environment for your kids.

What You Can Expect From Working With Our Team

We understand that your children mean everything to you and that you want to shield them from the fallout of divorce. You can count on us at Maggio Law for:

  • Clear explanation of the relevant laws and your legal options
  • Careful consideration of your child’s best interests
  • A strategy for communicating effectively with your children about divorce or separation
  • Assistance with deciding on the right approach: Aggressive or conciliatory? Adversarial or collaborative?
  • Cost-effective services

At Maggio Law, we will work with you to customize a child custody solution suitable for your family’s dynamics and circumstances. Crafting a new chapter for strengthening bonds – despite the turmoil of change – can be challenging on your own. We are here to fight alongside you with compassion, insight, and experience to strengthen your parent-child relationships.

Let’s Find A Solution That Works For Your Children

Discuss your child custody issue with an aggressive, personable and understanding lawyer. Learn what will likely be required to resolve disputes in the best interests of your children. We can also help you factor in mediation when appropriate. Call 949-227-3001 or email Maggio Law.