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Child Custody Solutions That Preserve Parent-Child Relationships

Our goal in all child custody cases is to serve the best interests of children whose parents are separating or divorcing. Our attorneys balance this responsibility with the task of helping a client (mother or father) to obtain the best child custody outcome, and maintain and preserve the crucial parent-child bond.

Maggio Law handles all facets of California divorce and family law, representing mothers and fathers throughout Orange County.

Common Issues In Custody And Co-Parenting

Our experienced lawyers can educate you about child custody under California family law and address all custody-related issues you may be dealing with:

  • Legal custody (decisions regarding the health, education and welfare of your children)
  • Physical custody (your child’s primary residence)
  • Visitation (parenting time)
  • Out-of-state relocation by one parent
  • Negotiating the parenting plan and schedule
  • Child support obligations

Joint legal custody is the norm, meaning both parents have a say in key decisions. Physical custody may be shared (approximately equal parenting time) or may follow a standard visitation (one night a week and every other weekend with the noncustodial parent). Sole custody is granted only in rare circumstances when one parent is unfit or represents a danger to the child’s well-being.

What You Can Expect From Working With Our Team

We understand that your children mean everything to you and that you want to shield them from the fallout of divorce. You can count on Maggio Law for:

  • Clear explanation of the relevant laws and their impact
  • Careful consideration of your child’s best interests
  • A strategy for obtaining your desired results
  • Deciding together on the right approach: Aggressive or conciliatory? Adversarial or collaborative?
  • Cost-effective services

Maggio Law will work with you to customize a child custody solution suitable for your circumstances. This means reaching an understanding of what is realistic, what is best for your children, and what will best preserve and strengthen parent-child relationships.

Our firm fights for your rights with compassion, experience and professionalism to achieve fast and fair results so that you can get on with your life. No one ever wants to be involved in a lawsuit, but we are here to help at those times when experienced and informed legal representation is necessary.

Let’s Find A Solution That Works For You

Discuss your child custody issue with an aggressive, personable and understanding lawyer. Learn what will likely be required to resolve your case fairly and expediently. Perhaps mediation is the best approach for your family. Call 949-668-1439 or email Maggio Law. We are at your service.