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Your Right To Spend Holidays And Vacations With Your Child

After a marriage dissolution or separation, parents will always be parents, and the child’s best interests are the priority at all times. At Maggio Law in Orange County, we recognize the importance of sharing time with your child during holidays or vacations and guide our clients through the development of a holiday visitation schedule to be included in their custody plans.

Support And Guidance In Creating A Holiday Visitation Schedule

Providing certainty to a child about their time with each parent is a way to build your new family dynamics. It also allows a parent to plan how they will spend the time with their child in advance.

Our goal at Maggio Law Orange County Divorce Attorneys is to help you craft a comprehensive plan that meets both your child’s best interest and your needs. A holiday and vacation child custody plan should include as many specifications to prevent future misunderstandings or disputes and should be agreed upon with the other parent.

When crafting a holiday visitation schedule, we will consider and make suggestions in the following points, to mention a few:

  • Determination of holidays (major and religious) you will spend with your child
  • Definition of school vacation time the child will spend with each parent and how these periods will be alternated
  • Negotiation of additional parenting time
  • Specification of terms and conditions required to take a child on vacation outside California or the country (written permission by the other parent, seven-day notice in advance of the trip and others)

A possible holiday schedule could include alternating extended weekends. You may also agree that your child spends Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or your birthday accordingly. While for the child’s birthday, you may decide to split the day so the child can spend time with both parents.

Summer Vacation And Child Custody

Summer vacation is a particular case since it might intervene with parenting times. Depending on your case, you may request the court to approve a summer schedule following the child’s best interests. However, negotiation and flexibility are essential to protect your child’s rights.

At Maggio Law in Orange County, we understand the complexities of determining a holiday calendar. We will discuss your options and guide you through all you should consider when drafting and negotiating the terms of your holiday visitation schedule. We also stand ready to protect your parental rights when required.

We Also Want The Best For Your Child

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