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Legal Guidance For Stepparent Adoption

Maggio Law delights in handling stepparent adoptions. However, we are not an adoption agency, and we do not assist clients in finding infants to adopt. We help couples wanting to solidify the tie between a committed stepfather or stepmother and their stepchildren by way of adoption.

Whether the other biological parent has died, is no longer involved in the child’s life, or has agreed to a termination of parental rights, the guidance of an experienced stepparent adoption lawyer is valuable and reassuring. Maggio Law uses every available legal tool to ensure that a stepparent adoption handled by the law firm will not be reversible for any reason.

An adoption changes a family tree forever. It is often an appropriate decision for a stepparent who is already an involved parental figure in the life of a child whose biological father or mother is no longer around. Through adoption, the stepchild gains the same legal standing as a biological child, including inheritance rights and child support.

Taking Steps Toward Adopting A Stepchild

When you are ready to begin the process of adopting a step child, we will work with you to pursue your goals and the best interests of the child. Steps toward stepparent adoption include filing a petition for freedom from parental custody (termination of parental rights), social services requirements such as a home study investigation, and proactive communications with an absent biological parent who might wish to contest the proposed adoption.

Make Your Blended Family Official

We have helped many stepparents formally adopt their stepchildren to cement the bonds of their blended families and provide that layer of legal protection. To discuss stepparent adoption, call our Irvine firm at 949-227-3001 or contact us by email.