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Representation Through Separations In Domestic Partnerships And Cohabitation Relationships

Even if you were not married to your long-term partner when your relationship ended, you may still have rights when it comes to the separation. Identifying these rights and protecting them are difficult when you do not have the guidance of an experienced family law attorney at your side to guide you. Thankfully you can find the representation you deserve here at Maggio Law Orange County Divorce Attorneys.

Our family law attorneys have more than 50 years of experience representing clients across California. We know how delicate divorce and separation cases can be, and we want to be the law firm that helps you pursue the outcome that puts you in your best position when things resolve. As we represent you, we are here to advocate for your needs and answer any questions you have about the process and what we are doing for you.

What Is Considered A Domestic Partnership In California?

Not every situation where two people live together qualifies as a domestic partnership. California law recognizes a domestic partnership as a relationship involving two adults who have agreed to share their lives with one another in a committed relationship involving mutual caring.

What Qualifies As Cohabitation?

Like a domestic partnership, California courtrooms recognize a cohabitation relationship as one where a couple is living together as though they are married but do not have a marriage license.

The Benefits Of A Cohabitation Agreement

These legal contracts are for couples who want to live with each other but do not want to be married. A strong agreement can give a clear definition of the financial expectations of both parties, and can also lay out contingencies in the event the couple marries. These agreements can also become beneficial in case one of the partners passes on.

What Are Your Rights As A Domestic Partner In A Split?

In the eyes of California law, a domestic partnership means that both partners have separate finances during the length of their partnership, which means that alimony will not be available during the separation. However, child support is still an option if applicable to the couple. In most cases, assets will be divided by whoever owned or purchased them. In matters involving real estate, the partner who contributed to the payments of a home may need to seek additional legal support to obtain partial ownership of the asset.

Defend Yourself Through Your Separation

If you believe your cohabitation or domestic partnership relationship is ending, now is the best time to reach out to us. We serve all of Orange County from our Irvine office, and you can contact us by calling 949-227-3001 or emailing us here.