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Orange County Divorce And Family Law Blog

A divorce could hurt your early retirement plans

People today have access to more wealth than ever before. Between cryptocurrencies and fast-growing stocks, investments may have you in a position where you and your spouse could retire early.  That dream may never come to fruition if you divorce and make financial...

Want to make co-parenting work? Read this

You’ve read all the articles and taken the court-ordered parenting classes with your spouse before your divorce. You’ve both embraced the idea that your children’s needs take dominance over yours, and that you’re in this co-parenting game together. Other than fully...

Long-term marriages aren’t immune to divorce

Marriages that have spanned decades are often thought to be very solid. While they might have lasted through a lot, long-term marriages can sometimes end in divorce. The longer a marriage lasts, the more property the couple may have to divide. This is only one facet...

5 unexpected emotions that may accompany your divorce

Even though you may want to end your marriage as much as your spouse does, unexpected emotions often arise during your California divorce. We have seen many New York residents that were excited about getting divorced fall apart during the process. Unfortunately, when...

Custody and the child with special needs

Very few, if any, parents decide to bring a child into the world only to find themselves in a situation where they have to be apart from them. For some parents, being apart from their child isn't even an option. This is often the case for children with special needs...