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Orange County Divorce And Family Law Blog

What does legal custody entail?

Physical custody often takes the spotlight in a divorce since it determines where the children live. However, legal custody is equally important since it directly affects the children's upbringing. Legal custody refers to the right and responsibility to make crucial...

Do you have to tell your boss you are divorcing?

You are not obligated to inform your employer if your marital status changes. It’s really none of their business.  What is their business, however, is your ability to perform your role. As divorce could likely affect that, there are, therefore, solid arguments for...

3 points to remember after separation

Parents going through a divorce will often live apart while the process is ongoing. Their children will have to learn to live between two homes instead of in only one. The parents must work as a team to provide the kid with everything they need. Taking the time to...

The relationship between money and divorce

Many divorce cases are spurred by money. Financial issues are what initially causes the couple to consider ending their relationship. These issues may come out of the blue, as sometimes happens with sudden medical expenses, or may be long-standing issues that the...