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Child Custody

Addressing your fears about parental abduction

Breaking up with a co-parent is always hard, even if you never married each other. Typically, both parents feel they deserve unrestricted access to their children. When a court disagrees and gives a larger custody share to one parent over the other, it often leads to...

3 key points to remember about child custody

Child custody matters can be very stressful. It’s up to the adults in the situation to try to keep the stress to a minimum. There are several ways to do this.  One of the most important things to remember is that you have to do what’s best for the children now. You...

Want to make co-parenting work? Read this

You’ve read all the articles and taken the court-ordered parenting classes with your spouse before your divorce. You’ve both embraced the idea that your children’s needs take dominance over yours, and that you’re in this co-parenting game together. Other than fully...

Custody and the child with special needs

Very few, if any, parents decide to bring a child into the world only to find themselves in a situation where they have to be apart from them. For some parents, being apart from their child isn't even an option. This is often the case for children with special needs...