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Planning child custody during summer break

On Behalf of | May 2, 2023 | Child Custody

When creating your child custody agreement, it’s important to look at the whole year. While most kids relish the time off that the summer break brings, many parents find it challenging. Divorcing has the potential to make it even more so.

A lot will depend on the age of your children. If they are in their teens, you may be happy to leave them at home while you go to work each day. If they are younger, you’ll need to be there more.

Think about how you managed things last summer as a married couple

If you used to take turns working from home or taking some days off and staying home, consider whether you can still do that. Just because you and your spouse will soon be living in separate houses, that shouldn’t need to change, provided you both live close.

If you previously sent your child to daycare or camp on the weekdays, that too could be a good option. It can free you both to work most of the day, perhaps only needing to adjust your schedules to be able to drop off or pick up the child.

If you went away on vacation, you can repeat that one at a time. Your child could go away with you for a week and with your spouse for another week. If they are old enough, your child could go away without you to summer camp or to stay with relatives.

Summer break is one of the many things to consider when making your child custody agreement. Having legal guidance can help you learn what else you need to consider.