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5 Things to Avoid During a Legal Separation

When a married couple enters into a legal separation, they typically have a goal in mind. They may be entering a legal separation as a step towards obtaining a divorce or they may be entering into a legal separation as a means of restoring their marriage. If you are recently separated or considering a legal separation from your spouse, it is extremely important that you and your spouse are on the same page regarding the direction or goal during the separation. If you and your partner have decided to separate, it can be very helpful to consider some of the common mistakes that others in similar situations have made.

Common Mistakes Made During a Legal Separation:

  1. Rebound Relationships: After a separation, emotions can be unstable. It is not an advisable time to enter into a new relationship. Allow time to heal before you reach out to generate a new connection. In addition, while the reasons for the separation may be reconcilable, entering into a new relationship escalates the situation to what may be considered irreconcilable.
  2. Rushing to Sign Divorce Papers: If you obtained a legal separation, you probably had viable reasons for doing so, but time may change your perspective. Rushing into a divorce is almost never the best choice and can often lead to regret.
  3. Bad Mouthing Your Partner in Front of the Children: A legal separation does not give a parent permission to talk badly about the other parent in front of their child. Doing so will not only harm the child, but in most cases, it will harm the relationship you have with your child as well.
  4. Denying a Partner the Right to Co-Parent: The separation is between the two adults who are making a change to their relationship, it should not reach out to sever the relationship the child has with either parent. Give your partner the chance to take a parental role in line with the agreement in place.

If you are considering obtaining a legal separation in California or if you need to talk to an experienced California divorce attorney about how a legal separation affects your marriage or divorce, please get in touch with us immediately at The Maggio Law Firm.



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