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3 Signs That Your Marriage May End In A Divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2017 | Divorce

It was been noticed that in many cases that one of the spouses is taken aback when he/she gets the divorce papers. This is precisely the reason why you should not ignore the warning symptoms that your marriage may be surrounded with problems, eventually leading to a divorce court. When one gets too comfortable with a situation and takes things for granted, it could be a big mistake in a marriage. Here are some of the alarming signs that your marriage could be in trouble.

You find that your partner has stopped sharing information All of a sudden, you start realizing that your spouse is hiding things from you. Often, you are the last person in his/her life to know information related to personal achievements, personal problems, and career. Is your spouse sharing such information with friends or other relatives and you getting to know them? There could be a big communication breakdown if you find that you are the last person to know crucial information of your partner’s life. This could be also an outcome of the collapse of the emotional bond that is a major foundation of any successful marriage.

You are always making mistakes in your partner’s eyes Has the situation become such that what whatever you do is being criticized and reprimanded by your partner? Do you find that whatever you do is not right according to your partner? Are you nervous or feel intimidated due to the constant criticism of your partner? It has been observed that very frequently, partners resort to negative criticisms in the day-to-day activities of their spouses when something has gone wrong in the marriage. In such scenarios, you should sit with your spouse and try to discuss openly what could be those bigger issues that are leading to such behavior. Fetching and tackling solutions to the bigger concerns in the marriage may be helpful for both of you to be more secure about your roles in the marriage. However, it could be also possible that you got married to a person who loves to play a dominant role in your marriage. A partner who wants to be in control lives to get things done in their way, often causing them to criticize and rebuke.

You find that there is nothing common between both of you anymore  Are you going through a situation lately when your partner and you are together for ling hours in the same house, conducting routine errands, attend social engagements together but hardly have any meaningful and productive discussion? When you and your spouse love in silence, it could be a major sign that there are big marital issues between the both of you. A bond can build up between the spouses if they share and communicate their feelings, thoughts and day. When you start observing that there is plenty of silent moments between the two of you, start putting efforts to fill that void or gap. Alternatively, you can also get in touch with a therapist and find out the reasons for your willingness to have a communication with your partner.