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What To Expect When Negotiating With a Hostile Ex During Divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2018 | Divorce

The way your estranged husband or wife behaves with you during negotiating for divorce settlement may have a direct effect on the amount of settlement you will eventually receive eventually, although exceptions do exist. Check out some of the things you can expect from a hostile ex during the divorce process.

Not being able to control his or her negative emotions Nothing can be bitterer during a divorce than a husband or a wife who is emotionally installed. In case your spouse fails to keep his or her negative emotions within check and fails to use logic, you could be in for a big legal trouble if you are not cautious. Moreover, you need to contemplate that you will have to discuss your financial matters with a person who’s being irrational with his or her behavior and thought process. People with such unstable behavior are completely unreliable are not capable of handling their own finances in the first place. So, you can hardly expect to think about someone else’s financial issues. You may have to hire the services of an experienced divorce attorney apart from consulting a reputable psychologist to help you understand the irrational behaviors of your spouse.

Did he or she held the financial power while you both were married? Was your spouse the primary bread winner while you were married? Do you feel he or she will try to take everything within their control? Has your ex hired the services of a good divorce attorney who is highly experienced in handling high-conflict divorces? If the answer is yes, do not expect them to change and renounce their ownership so easily? In fact, your divorce can make them more ruthless and ferocious while trying to retain emotional as well as political power over you. In case your spouse is affluent and has hired a renowned divorce attorney, it could be a tough time for you unless you equip yourself with the same kind of attitude and legal arsenal.

Your spouse is anxious to get a divorce immediately For instance, your spouse has been into a new relationship and as such want to extract everything possible to build their new life. So they want to end their existing marriage as quickly as possible. A ‘right now’ divorce may lead you financially and emotionally shattered. While your ex is trying to build a new life with his or her latest love interest, it can be quite money intensive. In scenarios like this, you should anticipate as well as get ready for a fierce battle while the divorce process is on.