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Common Prenup Mistakes to Avoid

On Behalf of | May 14, 2019 | Prenuptial Agreements

Navigating prenuptial agreements can be tricky. They lay out the financial plan for your upcoming marriage in legal terms. They also start your marriage off with a lot of open and honest communication about your relationship and your goals for the future. Make the most of your prenup by avoiding some of the most common mistakes.

Prenup Agreements: Avoid Common Mistakes

  1. Avoiding the Awkward Conversation: Too many couples make the mistake of avoiding discussing a prenuptial agreement. They feel that bringing it up will be awkward so they tiptoe around the idea of a prenup. It’s just not as fun as discussing your island-hopping honeymoon. When the wedding is over, the honeymoon is in the past and significant life events are happening, many couples regret not broaching the topic.
  2. Using the Same Lawyer: Many engaged couples seeking prenup advice find this particular advice strange, but the goal is to make sure both parties entering the prenup are as comfortable as possible with the parameters. If both parties have the same attorney, this can be extremely difficult to accomplish.
  3. Letting Emotions Guide Negotiating: If emotions start to guide the negotiating or if one or both of you start to get upset, take a few weeks to think and communicate about what’s best for you and your partner. Some consider consulting a premarital
    counselor together to address important issues brought up by the prenup discussion such as children, religion, finances, family issues, etc. A marriage is a romantic partnership, but it’s also a financial partnership. A prenup is a business transaction in your marriage. Like any business transaction or financial decision, it’s best to set emotions aside.
  4. Agreeing to End the Discussion: If you are uncomfortable with the idea of a prenup or if you are uncomfortable signing the prenup for whatever reason, just don’t sign it. You definitely do not want to sign a prenup just to end the discussion. You will regret it later.
  5. Focusing on the Prenup Once it’s Done: Don’t keep thinking about the prenup once it’s signed. Take your time while you are negotiating the prenup and consider each and every facet of the agreement carefully. Make sure your thoughts are heard and included. If you’ve carefully considered the document and signed the prenup, set it aside in a safe place and go on with your life. Focus on your significant other, your wedding day, your honeymoon, your happiness. Forget about the prenup. Put it in a file and hope you never need to retrieve it.

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