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Studying the Impact of Parental Divorce on College Students

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2019 | Divorce

Many parents considering divorce will postpone or delay proceedings until their children are “older.” While every case is unique and every child will be different, divorce is difficult on children regardless of age. Studies indicate that parental divorce still has an impact on college-age children.

If you are getting divorced and you have college-age children, keep in mind that studies have shown the situation more significantly impacts girls and that the father-daughter relationship in particular generally sees a more considerable change in the psychological separation process.

The older a child is when their parents get divorced, the more they may be able to understand the reasons behind the decision. Even older, more mature children with a rational understanding of how their parents’ relationship did not function will still have difficulty with the idea that their parents will no longer be together.

The college years are some of the more developmentally pressing ages. Divorcing parents can help their college-age students adjust to the new family dynamic by assisting them to recognize opportunities to maintain healthy relationships with both their parents; particularly if the child traveled out of state to attend college and visits home are limited. Students in this situation require constant attention and communication; the world they left behind for college no longer exists. They must be constantly brought back to what is going on in terms of custody and co-parenting and maintaining relationships post-divorce.

Tips for Helping College-Age Children Adjust to Parental Divorce:

  • Never Speak Ill of the Other Parent
  • Never Send Messages to the Other Parent through the Child
  • Do Not Vent About Your Ex to Your Child

Studies on Parental Divorce & College-Age Children:

The University of Colorado, Boulder conducted a study examining the effect of parental divorce on college undergraduates. The Journal of Divorce and Remarriage published the results. Additional studies published in The Journal of Divorce corroborated many of the findings of this study.

If you are considering divorce and are the parent of a college-age child, get in touch with the experienced California divorce attorneys at The Maggio Law Firm today so we can assist you in filing for divorce and creating a successful parenting plan.