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Is joint custody an option while my baby is still breastfeeding?

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2021 | Child Custody

Many couples are delighted to find out that they’re expecting a child, and it brings them closer. There are countless others, though, that take this news differently. It may cause a division between the prospective parents to form, ultimately leading them to break up.

Babies have a lot of needs when they first come into this world. Parents need to get them on a good feeding and sleep schedule. You may wonder if there’s an effective way to do this if you’re sharing custody.

Integrating breastfeeding while sharing custody

Most child psychologists believe that both parents’ presence in their kids’ lives is critical for their development. This consensus often leads judges to award parents joint custody of their kids. Unfortunately, the court often neglects to address the logistics of exchanging a breastfeeding newborn as part of this custodial agreement.

Moms may have a valid reason for requesting additional custodial time early on in their baby’s life. Doing so allows them to master lactation, work through supply issues and learn their baby’s feeding times.

Custodial agreements that may work best early on are ones in which the other parent visits the baby at the breastfeeding mom’s house during short yet frequent intervals to let their child know that they’re present in their life. It may be possible to implement longer visits as your baby’s schedule standardizes or they stop breastfeeding.

Overnight visits aren’t out of the question, but you may not want to implement them until your baby’s sleep schedule becomes more regulated and they can also take a bottle.

Making custody arrangements for your newborn

Navigating child custody is often challenging for parents. Doing so for a newborn has its own host of complexities, though. Caregiving, feedings and a sleep schedule are at the top of that list. Your attorney can give you some insight into custody schedules that other parents of newborns have implemented so that you can find the right one for you and your child.