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Does your job put you at a higher risk for divorce?

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2022 | Divorce

There are all sorts of reasons that a marriage may end. However, many people don’t realize that their job may actually impact how likely they are to divorce. 

Some professions and industries have higher rates of divorce for men and women, while others have higher rates for just men or just women. Keep reading to learn some of the jobs that may make you more likely to file for divorce at some point in the future. 

Health care support workers

Individuals who work in a health care support role, such as home health aides, medical assistants, and others, have high divorce rates. For these workers, the divorce rate is 2.65%, with home health aides being at the top of the list for this category with a divorce rate of 2.87%. 

Military professionals

Members of the military have the highest divorce rate of all professions in the U.S. Women in the armed forces, particularly, are more at risk for divorce, with the divorce rate for them being over 4.5%. 

One reason that the rate of divorce is so high among people in the military is that many families are put under extremely stressful situations, such as time apart and multiple deployments that test marriages. 

Other jobs with high divorce rates

Along with the two professions above, there are other jobs that tend to have higher divorce rates than others, too. These include physicians, ranchers, farmers and clergy. 

Knowing your rights in a divorce

As you can see, there are several jobs that are more at-risk for divorce than others. If you work in one of these jobs, it’s a good idea to take additional steps to protect your marriage. Along with this, you should make sure you know your rights if you do decide to move forward with a divorce.