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3 assets you shouldn’t overlook in a California divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2022 | Property Division

Every bank account and possession contributes to the overall value of your marital estate. The community property laws in California give you a claim to both physical property and income that you and your spouse earned or obtained during the marriage. 

To ensure that you receive a fair portion of the marital estate, you need to lay claim to all of the assets accumulated during your marriage. Make sure you don’t overlook the three assets below that people often forget during divorce proceedings. 

Credit card rewards

Have you used the same credit card to pay all of your utility bills for years because you receive cashback benefits? People often continue to accrue such benefits for years without using them, and you may overlook those benefits when negotiating the terms for a divorce with your ex. 

The rewards on certain cards may be worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, so you may need to split those when dividing the debts and closing the account. 

Deferred compensation

Did your spouse accept deferred bonuses or stock options when they accepted a recent job opportunity with a start-up? Even if they have not received that deferred compensation yet, you have a right to report and claim a partial interest on the amount you acquired during the marriage.

Digital assets

Digital property can be hard to track and hard to accurately value. Even when the market is very soft, you may still benefit from locating and claiming cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens acquired during your marriage. 

Ensuring that you record all of your most valuable shared property will help you obtain a fair outcome in your California property division proceedings.