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5 things you should do after divorce

On Behalf of | May 8, 2023 | Divorce

Life is going to be a lot different after a divorce. While there’s a lot you have to focus on during the divorce itself, you may also need to make some significant post-divorce changes.

Here’s what you should consider doing as you plan ahead:

1. Spend time with your children

Your children may be struggling with their parents’ divorce. After divorce, you’ll have a lot more time to dedicate to your children and help them process the changes. You could take your children to the zoo, park or amusement park to take their minds off of the changes. Or, you could let your children talk about what they’re feeling about these new life changes.

2. Create new bank accounts

Many couples share bank accounts. You’ll likely need to open a new bank account after divorce. While you may believe your ex-spouse has no intentions of using the bank account, you should ensure there’s no likelihood that your finances are used irresponsibly by your ex.

3. Change your passwords

Your ex-spouse may know the passwords to your social media accounts, streaming services and phone. Again, you may trust your ex to not take advantage of you and use your information to their benefit. But, you should still consider changing your passwords so there’s no question your ex can access your online information.

4. Find a therapist 

Divorce is by no means easy. You may need to consider finding a divorce therapist that can help you process your new life. Many therapists specialize in post-divorce situations. This could help you move on and start a new life.

5. Start a hobby

One way you can move on after divorce is by starting a hobby. Maybe you had a hobby that you dropped after your marriage. Or, you could have a hobby you’ve never had the chance to start. Having a hobby could help you unfocus on these difficult times. 

You may still be working out asset division and child custody agreements, or you may eventually have to renegotiate your parenting agreement. To make sure you get the best outcomes, seek legal help to learn about your options.