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How can you help children adjust after your divorce?

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2021 | Child Custody

Parents who are going through divorce often have a lot of things happening. It’s imperative that they put the children first so the kids can begin to adjust to their new life, with a schedule that is split between two homes.

There are several things that parents can do to help the children during this time. One of the most important things to do is to keep conflict away from the kids. Never argue in front of them and only speak to each other regarding contentious matters. Don’t use the children as messengers.

Set a routine for the children

Children thrive on having a consistent routine. If you and your ex can work together to come up with the rules for both homes and keep those consistent, the children might thrive. This doesn’t mean that you have to keep exactly the same rules. Trying to work out major points like bedtime or rules for homework can help the children considerably.

Assure them that both parents love them

Some children worry that they won’t be able to have a meaningful relationship with both parents. Assure them that both parents will be there for them. If the children see you working together as a parenting team, they may feel reassured that they’ll be able to enjoy time with both parents and that both parents will be there to support them.

Getting the parenting plan together quickly after the divorce can help your children to get the stability they need. Being able to work together to get this done sets up a good foundation for co-parenting. It’s best to have the assistance of someone who is familiar with custody cases so they can explain your options and help you find a way to ensure your children’s best interests are protected.