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Orange County family law


6 Reasons Why Couples Should Get a Prenuptial Agreement

Couples in the process of getting divorced have to deal with a multitude of issues, with financial assets being one of them. The dispute over financial assets, apart from the custody of children, is the main reason why finalizing the end of a marriage takes a long time. Although no one likes the idea of a divorce, a newly-engaged couple should get a prenuptial agreement drawn up before tying the knot. “Why get a prenuptial agreement, because we are so in love?” In the United States, at least 50% of marriages end up in divorce. Being optimistic about your impending…


5 Ways to Minimize Involvement of Kids in Your Divorce

The constant screaming and shouting at each other in front of your little ones will impact them negatively. Your children, no matter what their age, will not be keen on seeing their parents hurling insults at each other. Children are affected by divorce and continuous bickering doesn’t help lessen their concern and worry. Some children cut themselves off from the world or rebel if the situation with their parents is not maturely handled. As parents, you have the responsibility to help your kids get through this tough time of seeing their parents take up different directions in their life. As…


What Is The Purpose of Court-Mandated Mediation Before My “Request for Order” Hearing for Custody & Visitation?

The State of California mandates that all custody court proceedings filed in the state must first attend court-ordered mediation prior to the date of the scheduled hearing.  The purpose of such court-ordered mediation is, in reality, intended to reduce the congestion of cases in court by making an effort to assist parents in working out custody and visitation issues with the assistance of a neutral third party. The court mediators are generally trained professionals who have at least a Master’s Degree and have extensive experience in psychology and marital/family counseling, and are trained in conflict resolution. In custody mediation, the…


Benefits of Having an Orange County Family Lawyer

Family lawyers are professionals with adequate knowledge and years of experience who can help you in situations like divorce, child custody, property distribution, alimony etc. though you might also opt for out-of-court settlement, but in case you and your partner are not in good terms with each other and the only option left is divorce, it is advisable to seek help from a reputable and experienced family lawyer in California. There are countless benefits of hiring a family lawyer. From document preparation to post-divorce legal matters, you can count on these professionals for everything. Here is a quick list of…


Important Information Regarding California Divorce Law

Whether you are opting for full legal representation or self-representation for divorce, you must have a good understanding about the basics of divorce law in California. There are certain rules and restraining orders that you have to follow during the divorce procedure. Violating these rules might cause you to pay stiff legal penalties. Moreover, learning about California divorce law can help you choose the right legal alternative and divorce attorney. Here are some quick and important facts about California divorce law that can help you understand the legal requirements and implications of divorce in California: Residency If you are filing…


Getting What You Want With the Help of OC Family Lawyers

Sometimes the only way out of a traumatic marriage is divorce. You have to take the big step for the sake of your mental peace and better future of your children. But filing for divorce and dealing with all the legal matters on your own is not easy. You might need someone for professional help and expert advice on divorce-related concerns. Here is where a family law lawyer in Orange County can step in and help you, making sure that you and your partner get the best deal. These lawyers are professionals that specialize in family law and can help…


Steps for Selecting a Divorce Lawyer in Orange County, California

Watching your family falling apart right in front of your eyes is not at all a pleasant experience. The emotional trauma coupled with the mental stress of dealing with legal implications of divorce can really be nerve wrecking. However, you can do a few things to ease the procedure of divorce filing and asset distribution and one of such alternatives is finding a reliable and competent divorce attorney in California. Though you can find a number of divorce attorneys in Orange Country, California, it is very important to find an experienced and certified attorney whom you can trust with all…


Ensure That Pensions and Businesses Are Properly Valued In Your Divorce

Other than your house, the pensions and retirement plans of spouses as well as business(es) owned by one or both of the parties can often be the most values assets of the marriage. With regard to pensions, such retirement plans are often divided by use of a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (“QDRO”), wherein the spouse that is not officially on the plan receives their community interest in the pension by a rollover IRA which avoids any tax implication to either party.  A 401K plan is often divided the same way.  Unlike a 401k whose value is whatever the current value…


Men Dealing With Divorce Should Consider Counseling

While generally women are more willing to seek counseling with a therapist to deal with issues both during and after divorce, men are often much less comfortable with admitting that they may need such support and assistance to work through their issues and feelings associated with separation and divorce.  Men are also generally much less likely to discuss divorce issues with their friends and family, leaving them emotionally isolated and feeling alone. Men should consider individual counseling to help work through their issues in order to be able to effectively move forward in their lives, and perhaps avoid problems they…


Looking At the Impact of Divorce Through the Eyes of Children

There is an excellent documentary movie called Split ( that was released in 2013, which looks at divorce from the vantage point of the children of divorce.  There is an excellent trailer at their website and the complete movie can be purchased on DVD. Split offers a realistic and sometimes heartbreaking look at how children are often affected with the separation and divorce of their parents.  Although children can be resilient, divorce can have a life-long impact on children depending on how their parents handle their divorce. The reality is that divorce is never easy on anyone, i.e. parents or children. …

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