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How Do California Family Law Courts Deal with Parental Alienation Claims?

Child custody disputes often proceed at a high-stress level. They are stressful on the parents, their attorneys, the judges who have to decide custody and the children involved in the case. Due to the nature of child custody cases, they are often expensive to litigate. When the case involves severely damaged relationships between the divorcing…

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The Presumption for Joint Custody in California

In California child custody is based on the overall best interest of the child. This means the health, welfare and safety of children is the first concern of the courts. “Despite the fact that most states, including California, advocate for the best interests of the child in custody proceedings, what that ‘actually’ means is often…

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Domestic Violence May Impact Your Orange County Child Custody Case

The National Center for Victims reveals that nearly 1.4 million people are stalked every year in the US alone. This may be considered domestic violence during divorce proceedings and may impact on child custody if there is a conviction. It goes without saying that the number of victims stalked in the US every year is…

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Not Everyone Gets Alimony in California Divorce Cases

Getting a divorce in California does not necessarily mean alimony is awarded. When in doubt about this provision, speaking to a skilled Orange County divorce attorney will clear up any questions. “Just because two people decide they want to file for a divorce doesn’t always mean alimony will be a part of the final package….

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The Main Requirements for Filing For Divorce or Dissolution in California

To file for a divorce or dissolution, you need to speak to a skilled Orange County divorce attorney to understand that California is a no fault state, and what this means. One of the first questions many divorce attorneys get in California is usually, “What are the grounds for divorce?” The first thing those seeking…

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Stepparent Adoptions in California Are Relatively Straightforward

Adopting in California is not terribly difficult, but the best advice anyone can be given is to discuss the matter with an experienced Orange County family attorney. Adopting a stepchild in California may be a relatively simple process, although as with many things dealing with the law, each case is different. There are generally exceptions…

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Separations Don’t Always End in Divorce

It’s true; separations don’t necessarily end in a divorce. Each case is different and this is why you need the wise advice of an experienced Orange County divorce attorney. Generally speaking, a great number of people who are considering filing for divorce will opt to try a period of trial separation. While this may work,…

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Annulling a Marriage May Be the Best Choice in Orange County Cases

There are certain circumstances where it is best to annul a marriage. This is a situation that needs to be discussed with an Orange County divorce attorney. Many people have heard the term annulment but aren’t sure precisely what it means when dealing with a marriage. Simply put, an annulment cancels a marriage, making it…

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The Headaches of Divorce

It’s difficult enough facing a marriage breakup and then finding out your state may have different rules for divorce. Speak with an Orange County divorce attorney to know by what laws your state abides. It’s a complex world when it comes to divorcing. It’s difficult emotionally and financially and if children are involved, it’s even…

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What to Know About Orange County Stepparent Adoptions

Step parent adoptions are quite common these days and not as complex as many people think. The fact of the matter when it comes to step-parent adoptions is that they are a whole lot easier and faster than other forms of adoption. This is because many of the states tend to bypass the home-study requirements…

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To Prenup or Not to Prenup – That Is the Question

Considering a prenuptial agreement prior to marriage and feel it shows a lack of trust? On the contrary, it’s a smart move. These days, more and more Americans are opting to have a prenuptial agreement drafted prior to marriage. “Premarital agreements, also known as prenuptial agreements, are a smart move to protect your assets going…

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