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Calculation of Child Support


Tips On Dealing With Back Child Support Arrears

There are several real life instances wherein a parent falls behind on his monthly child support payments due to various factors, resulting in the accumulation of a hefty back child support debt. Due to the enormous interest on the unpaid amount, the debt culminates into a huge sum which the parent finds extremely difficult to clear. In most cases, the court of law takes stringent action against such defaulters.  However, if you have genuine reasons for not being able to pay the monthly support for your child, you can follow a few guidelines of dealing with the back child support…


Child Support and Uncontested Divorce in California

Determining child support in uncontested divorces in California can be relatively straightforward.  The rules for deciding and calculating child support are the same for contested as well as uncontested divorces. The court simply uses certain predetermined calculations based on the income of the parents to determine the amount of support to be paid. It is generally believed that the parents in an uncontested divorce will agree to issues related to their child. So it is advised that the parents should begin the process of discussing child support by exchanging details of all their income and expenditures. Honesty should be the…


How To Calculate Child Support in California

The calculation of the amount of child support in California is determined by a number of factors. Any child support payment includes the basic child support and health insurance coverage. There are other extra mandatory child support payments as well. Factors influencing support calculations There are mainly 4 factors that influence calculating the amount that is to be paid as support. The number of children who are permitted to receive child support. The parenting time or visitation right or custodial rights of each parent with the child. The net disposable income of each parent. But computer software programs such as…

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