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Orange County family law


What the Separation of Parents Means to a Child

Children are the responsibility of their parents. Parents manage children through their thick and thin to make sure the child stays in his/her best possible condition. What happens to the children when you want to get a divorce? All parents should consider their children and their thought process when thinking of divorce. A litigated divorce may let you get the verdict of win on certain things but it’s most likely you’ll end up losing many things such as causing grief and trauma to your child who will see his/her parents lock horns with one and other. Did you know that…


Parenting During the Holidays for Couples Going through a Divorce

Divorce is never easy for your children.  Put yourself in the shoes of your children and think. Since the birth of your children, there has always been a set way of doing things. Family vacations, birthday parties and other ceremonies were planned as a family, and now the culture and the way of doing things will change drastically. The parents they grew to love as a couple are going to be taking care of themselves individually. It is evident that even after divorce, active parenting needs to be done to help your children feel at home in their life with…


A Guide To Derivative Social Security Benefits And Child Support In California

Derivative Social Security benefits and its impact on child support is important irrespective of whether the parents are going through a divorce or not. This topic is one that is intriguing and yet not completely comprehended by married or unmarried parents. This blog is going to focus on disabled and noncustodial parents and what sort of impact social security benefits will have on child support obligations. When someone is suffering from a disability, he or she receives social security disability benefits, and if that person is a parent, there is often another derivative benefit paid for any minor children that…


Divorce Mediation & Why It Is The Best Option When Children Are Involved

Divorces are usually traumatic for the children and it can become difficult for them to recover from the event and move on. When they do move on, their most future decisions are tainted by the experience of their parents separating and they can feel responsible for the outcome. This is why a divorce should not be carried out or discussed in a negative manner. The fights, arguments and proceedings of a traditional divorce case are usually more than they can take and they tend to withdraw from everyone and become isolated. These children can later make bad relationship choices and…


How To Protect Your Kids When You Are A Victim Of Domestic Violence

If you are in an abusive relationship and have children, it is very important to distance yourself and them from your abusive partner. Distancing yourself through divorce may very well be your best option.  Even though the thought may have crossed your mind several times, it is likely time to take action. Get the courage to file for divorce, but before you do, take these steps to protect your kids and yourself: 1.     Report Abuse to the Police and Maintain Records If your partner is violent, keep records of every incident involving him (or her) stored in a secret place….


Common Questions Asked About Child Support

If you are divorced or going through a divorce, the topic near at the top of the agenda is going to be child support, unless of course you don’t have children.  The issue of child support is complicated when some partners are unwilling to pay. In certain circumstances, the partner with primary custody of the children might not know their full rights concerning child support. Here is a list of answers to questions clarifying when the partner is entitled for child support: 1.     “I am pregnant and getting divorced, am I eligible for child support?” It’s rare for pregnant women…


How to Prepare Yourself Before Going For Divorce Mediation

Have you and your partner opted for divorce mediation? If so, a good choice to have made.  Divorce mediation is a great process to make your rightful claim on assets that you deserve, but only if you know what you are doing. You can’t go into a meeting with guns blazing thinking that everything is going to go in your favor. For one thing, your partner may raise some issues to weaken your claim and without any evidence supporting it, you may leave the mediation displeased.  Therefore, if you want to strengthen your position, prepare yourself before you head for…


The Benefits of Co-Parenting Classes for Divorcing & Divorced Parents

The birth of your first child is a milestone for a couple. Life after a child completely changes. Your needs take a back seat and your child’s needs take center stage. Everything that you do or plan, you do it meticulously.  With your partner, you are in charge of making your child’s future bright. This remains a parent’s top priority even when they are in the middle of divorce proceedings or are already divorced. To provide their child with a healthy environment to grow up in, parents can and should take co-parenting classes. Co-parenting classes show parents how to put…


Ways to tell Your Children that You are Getting a Divorce

Divorce is difficult on both parents and children. Parents going through a divorce will find breaking the news of them parting ways to their children very difficult whereas kids will go through a multitude of emotions when their parents tell them of their decision. In order to make this easier on kids and parents, parents can choose to break the news in more subtle ways. Ways that will ensure that no one will get hurt in the process. Divorcing partners with kids should announce the news of their separation in the following ways: 1.    Do It Together People choose to…


What To Look For In Choosing A Family & Divorce Lawyer

You might find a number of ways of finding a divorce lawyer in California, but finding a competent lawyer whom you can trust with all legal matters, can be a little difficult. In order to find a family law and divorce attorney in Orange County that you feel comfortable with, you must know have some  understanding about the qualities of an experienced, competent divorce lawyer. Here is a quick look at some of the many traits of a competent family lawyer to keep in mind in finding a competent family law attorney: He Or She Should Be an Expert In…

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